Almost goodbye…!

Can I just begin by saying that when I first started my work in London I found it really hard to be away from home.  I couldn’t wait to go back home, adapting to the new environment and meeting new people was so much of a challenge to me.  But I have been here for almost six and I feel very sad to be leaving SPW International and London. 

I feel very lucky to have worked with SPW International and it’s so sad to finally say goodbye.  It’s been a wonderful and fun experience living in London.

I have enjoyed my time and I appreciate having had the opportunity to be part of this great team in SPW.  I can’t thank SPW enough for the support, guidance, and encouragement provided during my time here.

My best moment was coming here and being offered another opportunity to take part in the SPW stop Aids campaign and Dance for life tour which have helped me gain more experiences.  I must also say that speaking in the House of Commons and at the Department for International Development was so much of a great experience I will live to treasure.

On another I am excited to be going back home and catching up with Zambia.  I miss my family, friends and the food.

I would like to encourage all other young people to take up such opportunities which open many doors into future careers.  I have directly benefited from this internship which has been more than just a learning experience.

I am so sad but am glad to go back home with a lot of meaningful experiences gained here, it’s the end of this internship but its also the beginning of taking up another greater challenge ahead.  The sky is not the limit.


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  1. Best of luck with everything Chi Chi, if I don’t see you before you go. 🙂

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