Happy New Year!

Hey All,

Happy New Year…

I hope we enjoyed our Christmas and New Year breaks. The Christmas mood and lights in London city are now phasing out.

My first Christmas outside home, sad but exciting!  I joined a colleague Jane and her family for the celebration; we were about fifteen people with her other relatives.  It all started with attending a carol service, a day before Christmas.  We sang songs and of course my best song (silent night) was on the list. It was nice to have a different experience of how church is like here a few days before Christmas.  In the service I particularly enjoyed seeing very little kids dressed up like characters in the bible during the birth of Christ, it was hilarious to see some babies who can’t walk dressed up as well.  In Zambia we also go to church two or a day before Christmas.

This reminded me of home…When I was part of Sunday school at church.  On Christmas we sang songs to the audience and did the entire role play on the birth of Christ.  Christmas for me and my family is a time when we go to church. We usually go to this special Sunday because it reminds us of the birth of Christ. Some places are beautifully decorated with Christmas trees and lights.  But in other parts of Zambia Christmas is unnoticeable. It’s just like any other typical day. There are no Christmas trees, but people enjoy a killing a live chicken or buy meat and enjoy a nice meal with their family.

After Christmas I went to my auntie in Milton Keynes outside London. We had a big shopping, watched movies and walked in the park.  Not forgetting nice food.  I had our Zambian staple food called nshima – a commercial product. It is made from maize (corn) flour known locally as mielie meal. Also prepared in other African countries its similar to ugali of east Africa, fufu of west Africa.   This added to my best Christmas and New Year celebration.

Now am back in the office continuing with my usual work.




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