World AIDS Day

Music, dancing the drill, signing of action cards, speeches, graffiti wall/floor, and big vbus engaging with other young people was fun. This all happened at the SPW’s world AIDS day event, which was amazing.

The DFID minister of international development came down and gave a speech and encouraged young people to take action as they are the most affected by HIV. Every single day 6000 people worldwide become infected with HIV and every 12 seconds someone is infected with HIV; meaning in 2 hours, 600 people become infected. And of all new infections, half of those are in the age between 15 and 24 years old. We young people are the most affected by HIV but I strongly believe that we are the solution to solving this problem.

The fact that we are talking about HIV everyday does not mean we have found the cure yet. There is a solution that lies within ourselves; we can put in more effort in raising awareness and activities that help support these efforts.

I lost many family members because of HIV years ago, and I could not do much about it. Today I still have siblings and young nephews and nieces who I don’t want to catch the virus because of lack of knowledge.

So am doing all I can to let people around me know how to prevent themselves, and in that way they can help others too. It all starts with me.

Wherever you are in the world, your voice matters and help spread the word. We can also do a lot by showing care and support for those that are both infected and affected. More than anything else, they need our support and love. They are human just like anyone. Protect yourself and those around you.



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