Universities, House of Parliament and DFID

The speaker tour is organised every year with international speakers who come to the UK and share their personal stories going across different universities in the UK.

This year they recruited three speakers Daniel from Sierra Leone, Chichi from Zambia (me!) and Tony from the USA.

The speaker tour is organised by the Student stop AIDS Campaign.  The campaign is made up of students at universities and colleges across the country who believes that the world’s response to the HIV pandemic is insufficient and unacceptable.

Read more at: http://www.stopaidscampaign.org.uk/

We visited around 20 universities with stop AIDS societies, http://www.stopaidssocieties.org.uk/ giving talks in the evenings to students inspiring them to continue taking action to stop the spread of HIV and campaign for life saving drugs.  I talked about my father who is living with HIV and is on first line treatment like most people in Zambia, though not everyone is receiving treatment.

There are about 33million people currently living with HIV in the world and most of them don’t have access to the drugs they need.  But behind all these numbers are people like my father and other families around the world.

The speaker tour also focused on a campaign called a patent pool.   The website below has an animation that properly explains what the campaign is all about.   If this is achieved it will help millions of people have the medication they need.   Anyone can make it happen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vj0dbFgjoh4

Excitingly, during the tour we had an opportunity to speak in the UK parliament, an opportunity that doesn’t happen all the time.   We also spoke at .Department for International Development (DFID) where we shared our stories and engaged with a lot of different people.


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  1. I am inspired to do more 4 my country…
    Continue kiping it real.

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