Dance4Life and Students Stop AIDS on Tour!

Hi all,


I have just come back from tour, which was amazing!


Dance4life (D4L) and the Student Stop AIDS Campaign combined this time with facilitators and international speakers, touring different schools and universities across the UK. Find out more about the stop AIDS on this website.


“I loved that all different people from different walks of life came together and made a fantastic team” (Beth SPW D4L Officer).


D4L tour team included facilitators from London and international speakers from USA, Sierra Leone and Zambia.  Using music and dance, Dance4Life delivered workshops on HIV; visiting over 25 schools and engaging with different young people across the UK.


The international speakers also played an important role by giving a positive voice to young people in the schools through sharing their personal stories on how HIV has affected their lives and their families’.  Mikel, one of the facilitators, said “Their stories were an eye opener to our surroundings”.


The workshops also gave young people an opportunity to take action in their schools and to help combat HIV and the stigma that is still going on round issues to do with HIV.  Dance4Life is a good way of engaging with young people and bringing issues to them.


Ash, another facilitator and Dance4Life agent of change who was inspired two years by watching D4L, said: “I was so inspired and wanted to give back to the world what D4L had given me”. He is giving it back today by becoming involved.   Anyone can get involved and find out more on the website




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