SPW Party and d4l Tour

Hi all, 

Still enjoying the weather?   I am, hope you are.

Ever enthusiastic, SPW UK held a murder mystery party last week; which brought almost all staff members from all departments together.  But this time around, people were looking different in funny and glamorous outfits.

It was a lovely opportunity for me to meet most staff who I usually don’t have chance to talk to on a typical day.

I found it really an amazing time interacting with them on another level.

Gill (or Sam) checks that Chris (Chichi), one of her Casino staff is spick and span

Sam (aka Gill) checks that Chris (aka Chichi), one of her Casino staff, is spick and span

In other news, the dance4life (d4l) speaker tour is on again, I can’t wait to dance and help push back the spread of HIV.

dance4life is a dynamic initiative that empowers young people through dance in order to push back the spread of HIV, coupled up with other interesting activities. 

We will be touring different universities across the UK and am so excited to be joining the team and sharing my experiences.



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