Latvia and London’s getting cooler!

Anna, Jane and Chichi in Latvia

Anna, Jane and Chichi in Latvia

Hey all,

Temperatures in London are cool and we are surviving.  I have been enjoying the summer and I can’t wait for the winter which I think is just a nose step away.

A couple of new and interesting things have been happening.  I was very pleased to meet project leaders (a team am working with).  This is a group of young volunteers coordinated by SPW UK working to ensure that all young people have access to accurate information about their Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).  So far we have held a number of trainings on advocacy which have been very exciting and educative.

Additionally, EuroNGOs (A European network of non- governmental organisation that corporate in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights, population and Development), held a conference in which we participated as SPW.  This was held in Latvia, Riga to be exact and the was theme:  “Investing in Sexual Reproductive Health in times of economic Crisis”.  The goal of the conference was to develop a common understanding about the impact of the economic crisis on SRHR funding among the EuroNGOs members and partners and to agree on appropriate action.   I went along with Jane (Advocacy Officer) and Anna (Project Leader).  

The conference presented a different atmosphere.  It appeared to me like people are tired of going round the same circles and they are prepared to move forward and achieve the defined goals.

Even if the intended time for achieving the MDGs is near and success almost looks impossible, we will still remain optimistic and hope for a time when all women and men will enjoy their sexual rights and have access to proper health care services.

All in all, the conference was a new experience as we were able to interact with people from different NGOs and broadened our understanding on SRHR.

Not forgetting about Latvia. Latvia is in the north of Europe, the country is lovely, one thing that hit me about the people is the value they have for their culture.  I enjoyed the traditional dances and their dresses look beautiful on them.  They usually wear them for their different ceremonies. 

This reminded me of Zambia, during our traditional ceremonies we also dress in a certain way and I love the outfit for the Lozi’s (a tribe in Zambia).




3 Responses

  1. Hello Chichi. I’ll message a few other people who might be interested in your blog.

    See you soon.

    Phil x

  2. Hey Chinyanta,

    You seem to love writing! and you are good at it too.

    continue your exploits

  3. Hey Rex,

    Thanks a lot

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